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kittizbabii's Journal

20 June
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I'm 17 years old. I'm currently a senior at Winton Woods Highschool. But I might be transfering out to Lowell Highschool soon within this year because we are having family problems here. But anyway, I know a lot about cars and auto mechanics, I know a lot about computer hardware, as for software and such.. I'm ok with it. Umm.. My medical knowledge is the same as a 2nd year medical student. Althought I don't plan on becoming a doctor or work in the medical field.. I only learned it because I had a mother whom was always sick and needed medical attention. My mother has passed on though.. It was in March of 2005. All I have left is my dad, one brother, and one sister. I love my brother and sister, dad however is an ass. He already has a new girlfriend and no one likes her. I'm moving out with my brother and sister soon. Other than that, I like collecting anime. But here's all the info into a profile format.

Name.. Rindy San
Age.. 17
Education.. Senior at Winton Woods Highschool
Residence.. Cincinnati, Ohio
Status.. Single
Car.. Acura RSX [DC5] Base/Auto
Work.. www.Shoupz.com | I moderate the forum and maybe host DJ on the radio.

The Melody of Oblivion, 2x2=Shinobuden, GTO, Battle Programer Shirase, Bottle Faerie, DearS, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, Wind - A Breath of Heart, Pita Ten, Ichigo 100%, Gokusen, Intial D [all of the stages] Peach Girl, Tales of Eternia, Naruto, and He Is My Master.

Now and Juvenile Orion.

-Nissan: Skyline GT-R VSpec II, S15 Silvia Spec R, 350z, and 240SX.
-Toyota: Celica, Altezza, Supra TT, and Soarer.
-Honda: DC5 Integra Type R, Civic Coupe, NSX, and Accord Coupe.
-Mitsubishi: Eclipse V6, GTO, Lancer Evolution VIII.
-Subaru: WRX STi.

-Japanese: Bump of Chicken, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Hyde, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, The Pillows, Orange Range, Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, Flow, m-flo, Dragon Ash, Gackt, Do As Infinity, Pierrot, move, T.M. Revolution, Galla, Glay, Miyavi, Siam Shade, X Japan, and Chemistry.

-Korean: Se7en, Shin Hwa, BoA, S.E.S., Baby Vox, Fly To The Sky, Jinusean, Taebin, 1Tym, YG Family, Swit, Bulldog Mansion, Wheesung, and Lee Jung Hyun.

I'm looking forward to making new friends. I'm easy to get along with and I try my best to help. Let's make this a good experience.